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Wool Pets - Making 20 Figures with Wool Roving and a Barbed Needle

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Making 20 Figures with Wool Roving and a Barbed Needle

Creative Publishing Int'l, 2010

This title is currently out of print. Kindle edition is available for sale on Amazon.com

Anyone can make cute and cuddly creatures from a handful of fluff and a barbed needle! There are only a few books written on the subject and most of those focus on flat needle felting on a surface. This book is about sculptural needle felting, creating 3-D animals and figures using the felting needle to sculpt wool.

The book shows the techniques and describes how the felting needle works with wool fiber to create felt, while explaining the differences between this art form and other forms of felting. The reader learns how to hold the needle, what sort of materials to use, and why.

There are about 20 complete projects including various birds, bugs, four-legged animals, and people, each one unique and irresistible! Laurie also shows the reader ways to display their felted creations as mobiles, ornaments, or arranged in shadow boxes.

Softcover - ISBN: 9781589235250