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Felted Feathered Friends

$ 14.99

Techniques and Projects for Needle-felted Birds

Creative Publishing Int’l, Spring 2012

Transform wool fibers into charming critters and loveable playthings!

This adorable book shows how to make a wide variety of birds by needle felting - sculpting wool roving into a three-dimensional figure using a special barbed needle. Each project includes a fun photo of the project with step-by-step instructions that result in 20 types of feathered friends!

With Felted Feathered Friends, you'll learn to make endearing creatures such as:

- A snowy owl
- A peacock
- A bluebird
- A robin
- A flamingo
- A pair of lovebirds
- And much more

These delightful creations will put a smile on anyone's face, and with easy-to-follow directions and the author's enthusiastic and expert guidance, anyone can take part in the feathered fun!

Softbound - ISBN: 9781589239005